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Why Vanilla?

Wouldn't that just attract the bugs with the sweet scent? You might think that, but the truth is totally the opposite. When researching insect repellents and insects to make one of those bug 'zappers' work on mosquitoes, the inventor of Buggspray Insect Repellents learned plenty about what will attract, and repel, insects. Combining this knowledge with his expertise in the development of personal care products (from Helene Curtis in Chicago), a proprietary fragrance and inert ingredient mixture designed to mask the odor of DEET was developed.
Formulating this with other ingredients into an insect repellent gave product that is particularly effective in repelling insects, especially GNATS & BITING FLIES! In fact, consumers say it works great in repelling gnats, black flies, no-see-ums, and deer flies.

Vanilla - Fact or Folklore?

For decades, moms and grandmas have said to put a drop of vanilla extract behind your ears & on your neck to keep the gnats away. Is there something to this? A recent Fixit column in the Minneapolis StarTribune said several readers suggested just that.
Is vanilla a natural insect repellent? Well, sort of. Unfortunately, even the Mexican vanilla extract is not strong enough, it doesn't last, and it's sticky (it doesn't really taste or smell that sweet either). Vanilla extractive found in grocery stores is mixed with corn syrup which is a source of carbohydrates that bugs need for flight. They'll be attracted to that and go for a blood meal while they are there. It may also attract bees! Nope, that's not going to work.
Buggspray Insect Repellent Original Vanilla Scent uses a secret formula along with several other compounds (vanilla is the most predominant smell). This mixture, combined with DEET (or peppermint), makes a truly effective and great-smelling product!

 Buggspray - Vanilla Scent

This product is designed to be a pleasant smelling alternative to flowery repellents and bitter oils.
The unisex vanilla fragrance essentially masks the light DEET odor and smells like a fine cologne. Top notes are creamy-fresh, gradually warming to a gentle powdery/floral background.
Unlike 'natural' products and those with <10% DEET that require frequent re-application, this new Buggspray actually works!
Now that's really Fantastic!

These things won't be bugging you anymore!

A great GNAT repellent!


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